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Small Family Farms 

Most have only 500 sows and none of the pigs leave the farm until processed in California. We are small and expanding to the many thousands sow operation like the factory farms do. We take care of what we have and enjoy our family of pigs. After we have completed our chores, our caretakers walk through the pens and converse with the pigs. 


Economics is a major problem in agriculture because of the high and the low prices that no one can predict when it happens. We can not control the weather as well. We need to feed our family thus, when prices become low, we just spend less and depend upon our other farm products. "Small" means less disease and problems so we do not have to get rid of a new disease by eliminating all of our pigs. We are a true sustainable farm.

How We Feed Our Family

A big garden, and a mixture of poultry and livestock keeps us all busy. If we do not raise it, our next family farm probably does. Our community of family farms even make our own soap . 

Traditional Farming Practices 

Many of our farms still use natural breeding. We are slow to adopt new technology. It has worked for 100 years, why change? But the herdsman (pig man) has been on the job all his grown life. His father taught him and he has become very skilled and specialized. If a non-Hutterite neighbor needs some advise, we can usually solve the problem with traditional methods.

Transparent Farming


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​We have licensing agreements with selected processors. We strive for continuous improvement in our production methods so our processors and our distributors have a superior product for our customers. We have worked hard for our brand to produce what our customers say they want, which is science based.

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